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Five elements as a basis
for long-term health.


A sustainable species-appropriate diet - in my opinion - should be based on the Paleo philosophy which is very economical with carbohydrates and sugars and thus ketogenic. That means, that the supply with energy is executed mainly by the fat metabolism, not by sugar metabolism.

The metabolism program dr.reinwald metabolic regulation® consists of the following five basic elements:

Protein Optimized Nutrition with Maximum Relief of the Organs

Protein sources should be organic and predominantly animal. Do not worry about animal fats. The protein supply is optimized by the amino acid preparation MyAMINO® which has the world's highest build-up value with ? 99% and can be converted almost completely into body protein. Consequently, only ? 1% glucose and ? 1% metabolic waste (ammonia) result in a high relief of the organism of metabolic toxins requiring excretion by the degradant organs (liver, kidneys).

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Cleansing and Regeneration of the Intestines and Regeneration of their Microbiome

The latest research shows: the intestines and their valuable symbiontic and commensal microbes contribute decisively to health, and deserve to be loved and cultivated. For example, with the fibrous, mucilaginous and swelling agents of ColoSTABIL®. But also with fermented foods such as our MyBIOSA® Yogurt Kit or MyBIOSA® capsules with over 40 bacterial strains of the core microbiota.

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Buildup of the Micronutrient Level

Micronutrients have a wide range of tasks in the organism. Stress due to false and poor nutrition as well as micronutrient deficiencies produced by stress itself must be compensated for. We have developed a very special micronutrient line, e.g. antioxidants such as  Active  or special vitamins like EyeCQ for the especially fat-loving sense organs.

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Purposeful Support of the Body’s Own Detoxification System

It can be too much stress (adrenaline), not enough physical activity or lack of nutrients for maintaining life-sustaining metabolic processes. There are many reasons why toxic agents are not excreted but increasingly stored by the body. In the body, toxins can then disturb important metabolic processes. The aim of our nutrition program is to strengthen the body's self-cleaning powers. On the one hand the program is based on the avoiding of burdening food and exposure to toxins, on the other hand on the support of the body's own detoxification system by pure, energetic water and special nutrients (in PektiCLEAN®, Product viewSulfoCLEAN® or ChitoCLEAN®) which offer specific binding properties for undesired substances and promote their excretion.

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Special Support of the Immune System

The importance of our immune system in the fight against diseases has become more and more the focus of the medical interest in recent years. In addition to Active B®AVO Probiotic for establishing and maintaining a healthy intestinal flora as an important contribution to the regulation of the immune response, Opens internal link in current windowRerum® is our most potent supplement to support a normal immune system. It is a unique vitamin D3 emulsion consisting of three important substances, which are well known and recognized in scientific literature.

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