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    Areas of Application

    The nutrition program dr.reinwald metabolic regulation® is designed for metabolic and weight regulation and for people with regeneration needs. Used in the long term, it serves ALL target groups to enhance the diet – vegan and vegetarian, in the advanced age, before and during pregnancy, as well as amateur and professional athletes to improve their performance without wasting.

    The program can be used for weight reduction as well as for weight gain, e.g. in people who are depleted and otherwise burdened.

    Also for people who to observe their blood glucose levels, the program is ideally suited as it is a ketogenic diet, that means little carbohydrates and sugars, more fat and protein.

    Vegetarians and vegans can use the program and its recommended vital products to meet their needs, above all of protein and essential fatty acids/DHA.

    Seniors are enabled to profit from the prevention of age-related malnutrition, a solid and sustainable buildup and the preservation of their vitality.

    The program can also be adapted to the specific nutritional physiological requirements of pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children in growth.

    Especially athletes will benefit impressively from our ketogenic program, above all in the field of extreme endurance, for they can tap their large fat reserves to fire a much more efficient fat metabolism as a source of energy.

    And even people who are exposed to special occupational burdens and stress situations and have a particularly high nutrient requirement, can easily integrate it into their daily routines.

    Interested? Then just call us. In case of a chronic disease talk to your doctor or therapist to find out how you can benefit from the metabolism program dr.reinwald metabolic regulation®. Get the free keto-nutrition brochure (Reinwald Protocol) with the first purchase or obtain the Book on the subject.

    Find out from our shop how our products can support you on the way to long-term health.

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    How Gregor B. (64) overcame his long-standing protein deficiency.

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    How Daniel K. (30) won his battle against overweight.