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  • Low blood sugar response : Wolfgang M. (66)

    »I have gotten my blood
    sugar values balanced.«

    Low Blood Sugar Response

    I always liked physical activity like to ride a bicycle and go swimming several times a week. But I always kept taking snacks the whole day long without a care: here a sandwich, there a cereals bar, there a fruit yoghurt and bottles and bottles of Cola Light! Thus, at 55 I was grossly overweight: I weighed 125 kg (275 lbs) but only 176 cm (5 ft 9 in) tall. This was compounded by dangerously high blood sugar levels. The doctor’s diagnosis: type 2 diabetes.

    “For over 10 years I kept my blood sugar in check with tablets. My doctor always advised me to go on a diet, but I didn’t want to hear a thing about it. Then, when I was in my mid 60’s, my doctor said it was urgent that I start taking insulin injections. Then I realized something would have to change. In the summer of 2015 my son told me he had recently converted to a ketogenic diet in the context of the metabolism program dr.reinwald metabolic regulation® and was also strengthening his body with a high grade amino acids preparation. I heard from him that this was not a diet but a life style, that he eats until he feels full but still loses weight. That sounded good, so I wanted to try it out. My doctor dispensed his blessing, giving me three months time to lower my long-term blood sugar levels. 

    “From then on, my diet was ketogenic: no complex carbohydrates, but good meat, vegetables doused in butter, and eggs and bacon for breakfast. Simply delicious! In addition, I took 10 MyAMINO® pellets per day. After three months, I weighed 20 kg (44 lbs) less and my blood sugar levels were so low that my doctor no longer saw any reason to start me on insulin injections. But not only that! He also said we could stsart thinking about discontinuing the tablets! I am totally persuaded: the combination of ketogenic diet and MyAMINO® is just the right thing for me. And cycling with less belly is more fun too.



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