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  • Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition: Gregor B. (64)

    »Absolutely indispensable for
    vegans and vegetarians.«

    Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition

    Everything seemed normal for fifteen years. Then life started going downhill. When I was almost 60, I sensed more and more than my energy and performance were on the decline. This was a big problem for me because I was taught physical education . I had problems with my heart and lost muscular tissue and condition. My weight slipped from 76 kg (168 lbs) to 66 kg (146 lbs). All medical clarifications were without findings.

    “It was by pure chance that I read about MyAMINO® at this time. Since it was produced on a herbal basis, I was easily able to integrate it into my vergetarian world view! So I sought the advice of a practitioner of alternative medicine. He recommended various elements of the metabolism program dr.reinwald metabolic regulation®. The focus for me was on deacidification of my connective tissues, regeneration of my strength and urgent reintroduction of animal proteins and fats.

    “I then took 20 MyAMINO® pellets per day, along with four capsules of Active H® as a supply of antioxidants. Then I took one egg a day for breakfast, fish twice a week and lean chicken once a week. It didn’t take long for success to set in. My endurance, condition and strength, which were measured, increased by more than 40%. The appearance of my skin improved and my musculature became more firm. My mood rose, as did my libido, and at long last I was able to sleep well. Thanks to ColoSTABIL®, my digestion worked perfectly again, and my heart problems disappeared. I am absolutely convinced that my return to a mixed diet was right. MyAMINO® was an indispensable supplement for me in this transition and I continue to take it to maintain a high level of performance.




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