• Health in Old Age

Health in Old Age

»I feel healthy and full of strength.«

Health in Old Age

Marianne D. (88)

»Four yeras ago, my physician diagnosed arthritis and osteoporosis. That’s quite normal for my age, or so I thought. Then a friend recommended the products of dr.reinwald, and so I began to supplement my diet with MyAMINO®. I felt that I was slowly but surely regaining my ability to walk. Two years later, my physician was not able to detect any signs of arthritis or osteoporosis. Today I am full of strength so that when I am in the park I am approached by young people who ask me how old I am!”«



Maria S. (83)

»From my apartment to the cellar - that’s four sets of 8 steps each going down and the same coming back up again. That was harder and harder for me at my age. Then, a few years ago, a friend recommended  the amino acids preparation MyAMINO®, above all because I am a vegetarian and she thought I should improve my intake of proteins. Despite my initial skepticism, I followed her advice, and the result was unbelievable: I immediately sensed an increase of strength and endurance. Today, I am able to go downstairs to the cellar and come back up again to my apartment several times in succession without effort, without holding on to the railing for assistance, without limping, and without getting tired. I have much more energy every day and feel healthy and strong despite my age.«




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