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Sports: Roman Dossenbach (56)

»I broke the record ?
and just kept going!«


I have already been keeping fit with pushups for several years. As I began to measure my performance with an app at the end of 2012, I set myself the sporting goal of someday breaking the world pushups record. To get there, first I wanted to overtake the No. 1 person of the app users: late at night I subjected myself to pushup duels and recorded each of my sessions including pulse until I was allowed to step to the front in April 2013.

In mid July 2014 my performance stagnated. I did 2,249 pushups in just one hour. At that time my record for 1,000 pushups lay at 24 minutes and 29 seconds, at which point my triceps gave up. How could I get better? During each session I do not treat my body to any regeneration breaks. I knew that without optimal amino acid intake I would never be able to progress. When a colleague recommended MyAMINO®, I got myself two jars at once and began to take 10-15 pellets per day and kept on training.

The effects on my performance were dramatic: only a few weeks after the first intake of MyAMINO® it became quite normal for me to do 1,000 pushups in under 20 minutes after a full day at work. I really got going as I then also began to eat ketogenic, and increased the number of MyAMINO® pellets to 20 - 30 per day. At the end of August 2014 I did 1,000 pushups in only 16 minutes and 1 second and was then able to kep on going! At the beginning of September I broke what was then the world record - with 3,969 pushups in 60 minutes. Incidentally, my highest pulse was 148 and there was a break of at most 22 seconds between the sets of pushups.«

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