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    Why are more and more people confronted with "civilization" diseases? We are getting sicker and sicker. Even small children are increasingly affected. Allergies, food intolerances, rheumatism and other inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular problems, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and cancer: above all chronic diseases have increased dramatically over the past 50 years. Why? Not only because we nurture a lifestyle that seriously harms our health: too much sitting, too little exercise, too much stress, accumulating environmental pollution. But also because our eating habits are fundamentally flawed, inasmuch as they are based on carbohydrates and rich in sugar, often in the form of fast foods and combined with cheap, low quality oils. Yet the answer to how to select foodstuffs properly is right in front of us - we just have to become aware of our origins as a biological species and our ancestors.

    Optimal Nutrition for the Human Organism.

    The ketogenic diet has a simple nutritional physiological basis: the realization that the genetic profile of modern humans is still quite the same as it was 13,000 years ago and all the millennia before, when humans still lived as hunters and gatherers. With the beginning of agriculture in Mesopotamia and most certainly since the industrial revolution in the mid-19th century our lifestyle has drastically changed - and with it what we eat and drink. The problem is that our genes cannot correspondingly adapt to such changes within such a short span of time and certainly not with regard to the development of the last decades. Add to this epigenetic factors, like environmental and lifestyle stressors, above all, the "Western Diet", emotional stress and environmental toxins. From the perspective of our genetic blueprint (Primal Blueprint), we are still hunters and gatherers. That is, if we are to be healthy and fit over the long run, then our optimal intake of, even today. That means: We need a minimum of appropriate movement. That is, if we are to be healthy and fit over the long run, then our optimal intake of nutrients will consist primarily of fats and proteins, but only side dishes with low carbohydrate load. This is precisely where ketonic diets step in.



    The basic elements of ketogenic diets.

    The basis of this original form of nutrition is formed by top quality, wonderfully satisfying, tasteful animal proteins and fats, such as meat, fish, eggs, chees and butter. These are combined with vegetables and salats that are low in carbohydrates (“low carb”). Fruit (as a whole), nuts and full-fat dairy products (ideally fermented ones) and cheese are allowed in measure. Foodstuffs rich in carbohydrates such as bread, cereals, pasta, pizza, rice, podded fruits, and potatoes are avoided as much as possible, at least dramatically reduced, and refined sugar is taboo.

    Keton Bodies and Ketosis: perfect energy supply and optimal metabolism.

    Because of today´s typical western carbohydrate and sugar-rich diet, the metabolism of many people is mis-stamped and adjusted only to the combustion of glucose and the storage of fat. Basically, we eat the most from the macronutrient, which we need the least in nutritional physiology, namely carbohydrates. However, our body can produce the glucose it needs from the non-carbohydrate precursors lactate and glycerol as well as the glucogenic amino acids via gluconeogenesis by itself. Unfortunately, even in large parts of medicine, it is still believed that the fuel of the brain is exclusively glucose, and that ketone bodies serve as a emergency substitute only in times of starvation. The truth, however, is that the sugar domination in our diet has led to a degeneration of our brain metabolism, which is similar to the degradation of muscles due to too little movement. Only through a "muscle soreness" of the brain (ketoadaption crises) and in times of starvation a degenerated brain is able again to access other sources of energy such as the ketone bodies. In other words, by means of the permanent overload with sugar the brain has lost the ability to simply switch from one fuel to the other. This new formation of enzymes for the use of ketones as a fuel is also known as ketoadaption in the professional world. Once smooth ketoadaption has been achieved, fatty acids are used to produce ketone bodies and can again be utilized by most tissues in the organism as a source of energy - especially the brain. In this state of ketosis, the body is optimized to use fat as a source of energy - and can effectively remove excess body fat. And, ketone bodies are also "healthier" in combustion, since they produce far less harmful metabolic waste such as free radicals or acids than glucose.

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