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    Building blocks for
    forming new cells 

    Protein Supply

    Proteins are  - beside the fat - the most important class of nutrients for human beings. They and their smallest components, the amino acids, are responsible for many processes in our body that are required for life. Proteins form the building blocks for all tissues, blood, immune bodies, hormones and enzymes. They also participate in the formation of new cells for strong bones, muscles, organs and healthy skin, hair, teeth and nails. Twelve of the 20 amino acids which are regulated by our gene pool are produced by the body itself. The remaining eight amino acids must be ingested in the form of protein and are therefore called essential amino acids.

    Not all proteins are the same.

    Proteins can have animal and vegetable sources, these sources are of fundamentally different qualities. Protein from vegetable sources, such as soya and beans, delivers only approximately half of the nutritional value of the protein from meat, fish and eggs. That is, amino acids from a vegetable origin have a much lower net utilization (Net Amino acid Value) rate for forming new cells.

    But that’s not all. When proteins are digested, the individual amino acids are released and a large portion of them – for they cannot be used for the body´s protein synthesis – consequently have to broken down and burned. While the combustion, one of the degradation products is ammonia, which is a toxic metabolic waste that has to be converted at considerable effort by the liver and kidneys and eliminated from the body. Another byproduct is energy in forms of glucose or ketons, which is burned or converted to stored fat.

    This means that the lower the Net Amino acid Value of a protein source, the greater the portion of cell-toxic wastes  and of sugar that makes one fat. This is a good reason to decide in favor of high-grade animal proteins and to generally avoid low-grade, vegetable proteins.

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