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    Four Phases for More Well-Being.

    Program Phases

    The metabolism program dr.reinwald metabolic regulation® or Reinwald-Protocol is divided into four consecutive phases. Depending on the application purpose and/or on the desired weight in the case of a weight loss diet, an intensive start (INTENSE) is carried out, followed by a regulation phase (REGULATE). The transition to the conservation phase (SUSTAIN) is finally achieved by a long-term dietary change in the sense of a Paleo diet. In order to facilitate the continuation of the program as a lifestyle during the sustainment phase, there is a day INTENSE or REGULATE from time to time, similar to intermittent fasting, but without any lack of nutrients. Only in the case of clinically manifest nutrient deficiencies or several wrong diets causing massive metabolic deficiencies and JoJo effect is an INTENSE PLUS preparation phase pre-set.

    (Intense Phase incl. Preparation Phase)

    1 - INTENSE
    (Intense Phase)

    2 - REGULATE
    (Regulation Phase)

    3 - SUSTAIN
    (Sustainment Phase)

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