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    Living Food for
    Healthy Intestines.


    In the large intestine, they support the intestinal flora and share responsibility for digestion, maintenance of the immune system and important metabolic processes such as detoxification, synthesis of fat, synthesis of hormons (Aromatase), etc. Since the intestinal flora is adapted to the dietary habits, a faulty diet also results in a faulty colonization of the flora. Since the healthy microbiome and above all a physiological intestinal flora has a key position, the regular consumption of ferment products is recommended: they are therefore an important component of the metabolism program dr.reinwald metabolic regulation®.

    Best of all when made at home.

    Unfortunately, industrially prepared fermented products from a can or the supermarket cooling shelf only a poor imitation of the real thing.The pasteurization to which they are subjected ultimately kills not only harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses, but also desired microorganisms which are vital for the human intestinal flora.

    Yet it is not difficult at all to prepare living food such as fermented vegetables at home. This just requires some patience, for the fermentation process can last between one and several weeks, depending on the initial food and the recipe. How it works you can learn from my book and from the recipes.

    Now rummage around the recipes and support your intestinal flora with foods that you have fermented yourself!

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