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    10 years dr.reinwald healthcare

    Success Story


    Nutrition counseling practice at that time already with the emphasis on

    • acid-base balance
    • amino acids and proteins
    • detox nutrition


    Lecturer for NLS diagnostics



    • Start of own development and production of dietary supplements branded dr.reinwald+vital
    • based in Seligenporten, 2 contributors
    • First products: MyAMINO®, PektiCLEAN® and VitalBASE®

    Dr. Reinwald Health Center

    • Clinic extension in Bayreuth
    • with oxygen and ozone therapies, micro-energy therapy, infusion therapies, colonics, posturology
    • Naturopathic, spagyric, isopathic and complex homeopathic organ support
    • NLS diagnostics and special blood diagnostics


    Lecturer in micro-energy therapy, mainly

    • to stimulate the body's detoxification and basic regulation
    • New products: Active H®, ColoSTABIL® and ChitoCLEAN colon


    dr.reinwald+partner academy  &  dr.reinwald metabolic regulation®

    • Start of the dr.reinwald+partner academy, as a training and network for therapists
    • Systematization of dr.reinwald metabolic regulation® as a nutritional metabolism program
    • New product: EyeCQ


    Relocation to Schwarzenbruck

    • 260 sqm
    • 6 employees


    International activity

    • Establishment of distributors and bases in North America, Australia, New Zealand
    • Invitations to speak at international congresses worldwide on alternative therapeutic options in the fields of Ketogenic Diet, Immunology, Autism
    • New products: ChitoCLEAN fungus, SulfoCLEAN®


    International congresses

    • Jump on the international stage, especially in the field of alternative immunology
    • Own 1st International Congress on Integrative Medicine in Frankfurt/Main


    Europe-wide TV presence

    • Invitations to expert talks on nutrition and health
    • Broadcast on European TV channels
    • New products: Rerum®, MyBIOSA® yoghurt


    Presence in Asia

    • Establishment of distributors, bases and partner clinics in Asia
    • New products: HerbiGOLD, MyBIOSA® plus


    Company relocation and growth

    • Relocation to Altdorf
    • 1,200 sqm, 11 employees
    • New products: MyBIOSA® pure400, AlgaeDHA


    MYBODY by dr.reinwald - "Feel better with a revolutionary program"

    • Start of the consumer concept MYBODY by dr.reinwald – made easy – "Feel better with a revolutionary program"
    • Affiliation of the pharmaceutical wholesale for therapy-supporting, naturopathic medicines
    • 17 employees
    • New products: MyREGULATE, VitalBASE Basenbad, MyNUCLEUS, MultiONE, MyBRAIN, Start of Amazing! cosmetic line