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Grandma's Superfood: The good old bone broth

15.01.2019 13:17

Grandma's Superfood: The good old bone broth

Fermentation and bone broth are similar to ketogenic nutrition: not only is it experiencing a renaissance, but it is also experiencing hype in the USA.

Our modern medical knowledge of protein and fat metabolism confirms what one could previously only suspect: the bouillon is nutritious, good for the intestines and awakens spirits. But why is that?

The secret of nutrition

Marrow bones, cartilage, and periosteum contain collagen, which is converted into gelatine by heat, giving the soup its flavor and texture. The long-simmering process allows the nutrients to develop their unique aroma, which Japanese call "Kokumi" and Europeans "full mouth." This unique fullness of taste is mainly due to the resulting combination of glutamic acid, fatty acids, minerals, and trace elements and amino acids, which dissolve during long cooking.

So nutritious so good

Poorly digested proteins can penetrate the intestinal wall, especially in gastrointestinal problems or a leaky gut symptom (perforated intestine). In this case, the lymphatic defense system of our body recognizes them as "foreign" and can cause allergic reactions. This is not the case with the smallest building blocks of proteins – amino acids – or albumin. This would also unlock the next secret: proteins are among the nutrients with the greatest allergenic potential.

Therefore, a broth in which the food components are converted into tiny molecules by long cooking (at least 3 hours) is not only aromatic, and it simply does us good in several ways: it tastes good, warms and helps to regain our health faster.

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