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Did you know? Optimists live longer!

06.02.2019 18:39

Did you know? Optimists live longer!

Spring is here, and with it, we meet more cheerful and laughing people. The additional subtle side effect: It is worth going through life laughing.

Did you know that a positive and life-affirming attitude is beneficial to health? This fact has now even been proven by science in a long-term study.

An excellent attitude to life brings years of experience.

A long-term American study over 40 years and with more than 7,000 probands showed that chronic doubters have a 42% higher risk of dying early. This conclusion was also confirmed by a nine-year Dutch study, which with almost 1,000 participants had a mortality rate half that of optimists to pessimists.


More fun – more quality of life

This fact behaves similarly to diseases. A study by the University of Zurich found that only a positive or negative attitude to life can influence the risk of illness. A positive approach to life is therefore beneficial to health. Love, laughter, music that is perceived as pleasant, balanced sex life and a pleasurably balanced, stress-free life contribute to the health and long life. We, therefore, bear a large part of the responsibility for the extent to which we allow stress or consume stress through excessive sugar consumption, toxins or rays, ourselves.


The molecular biological answer

Why a positive attitude to life leads to a higher average life expectancy is not only exciting but also provides initial answers at the molecular level. At the end sections of the so-called chromosomes - a group of molecules that contain our genes or genetic information - a kind of "worm appendix" was discovered, which the scientists called telomeres (= end part). While the chromosomes from the superior organizational structure of our DNA (hereditary substance), this appendix protects our cells from cell death. However, the telomeres become shorter with each cell division. The faster the cell divides, the faster the telomeres shorten and the faster the cell dies. Chronic stress (e.g., due to excessive sugar consumption, toxins, mental stress, etc.) accelerates the rapid shortening of the "worm processes," mediated by the enzyme telomerase.

Our tip?

Do something good for yourself and your body: through more laughter, positive encounters, calmness as well as exercise and an apparent reduction in sugar, negative stress, an unhealthy lifestyle or harmful environmental influences. We are happy to support you in changing your lifestyle with our nutritional advice, the high-quality dr.reinwald vital products or our PerfectANTI-OXIDANT Package. With this package, you can take targeted action against oxidative stress and promote more cell energy.


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