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The top of dietary supplements

03.10.2019 16:36

The top of dietary supplements

Have you often asked yourself why and which dietary supplements you should take? Our alternative practitioner Nina Kohlmann knows valuable answers and tips.

Precisely because the range of dietary supplements on offer is extremely large and at times also inscrutable, careful consideration is important, but above all also the individual nutrition and health situation. So a Veganer needs another compilation of "Superfoods" as a practicing Ketarierer, an ambitious Marothonläufer other food auxiliary means than a Couch Potatoe... Nevertheless, you can still name some "Must-Supplements" that enrich and enhance your daily diet. Especially due to our nowadays higher stress level and our meanwhile nutrient-poor food, targeted supplementation makes sense. Our Top Five are therefore as follows:

1. vitamin D
The supply of vitamin D is particularly difficult for us Central Europeans in the autumn and winter months. But even in the summer months our daily sun contact is usually not sufficient to provide our body with sufficient vitamin D. Vitamin D3 deficiency is therefore unfortunately a frequent problem and from our point of view must be compensated.

2. minerals & trace elements
The most important co-factor for all enzymatic processes in the body are trace elements. Prominent representatives of this genus are iron, zinc and chromium. From a therapeutic point of view, if we consider the care situation of patients, zinc deficiency is unfortunately very common. Typical symptoms are e.g. brittle fingernails or hair loss - signs that the immune system is weakened and thus numerous diseases and infections can be favoured.

3. omega-3 fatty acids with EPA & DHA
In particular the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA (from maritime sources such as fish, algae or krill) cannot be produced by our body itself and from vegetable oils only insufficiently. However, a good supply is especially important for our brain, eye and intestinal mucosa. Vegans or people with a histamine intolerance therefore have no possibility to get a good diet. But also "omnivores" will hardly eat 300 g fish or 700 g high-quality meat from grazing animals every day. The solution? Vegan dietary supplements such as AlgaeDHA with algae oil.

4. pure and natural water
without the cleaning and dissolving ability of water our various body processes would not be possible at all. To support the body's own detoxification, a sufficient amount of pure natural water is therefore essential.

5. essential amino acids / proteins
THE building block for our body and "clock generator" for all living things. Proteins and their smallest components, the amino acids, are responsible for many vital processes. They form the building blocks for all tissues, such as muscles and other organs, blood, hormones and enzymes. They are also involved in the formation of new cells, strong bones, healthy hair, teeth and nails. Twelve of the twenty amino acids controlled by our gene pool are produced by the body itself, but eight of them must be supplied by the body through food in the form of proteins. Therefore, these eight are also referred to as the vital or essential amino acids. Our answer? MyAMINO from dr.reinwald.