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Smokers and their health – supporting the body's own detoxification with PektiCLEAN

08.11.2019 18:04

Smokers and their health – supporting the body's own detoxification with PektiCLEAN

An article by Dr. Nina Schreiber about the possibilities of smoke detoxification using PektiCLEAN

It is well known that smoking makes you ill. The danger is insidious, because cigarette smoke is a chemical cocktail that slowly but permanently poisons the smoker. With the food supplement PektiCLEAN now has a product that supports the body to transport these harmful substances out of the body and thus minimize the harmful effects of cigarette consumption.


Smoking as a pathogen

Smoking is a major risk factor for a number of serious diseases: The risk of damaging the lungs and bronchial tubes, developing cancer, suffering a stroke or heart attack is many times higher for smokers than for non-smokers. This is not only due to nicotine and tar but also to the other harmful substances that are present in tobacco smoke and which enter the organism unfiltered with every puff on the cigarette.

Of the tobacco combustion products, over 4,000 different chemical substances have so far been identified - most of them are poisonous to our organism in the truest sense of the word. Especially carcinogenic substances such as hydrogen cyanide, benzene or nitrosamines can be dangerous for smokers. What only a few people know: Even highly toxic heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, and cadmium are contained in cigarette smoke. In addition, smokers expose their organism to radiation with every inhalation - in comparison, for example, the exposure from an X-ray examination low.

To reduce the harmful effects of smoking, PektiCLEAN, a high-quality food supplement, can help to achieve a quick elimination of the disease-causing cigarette toxins.


The natural strength of pectin

The main active ingredient of PektiCLEAN is pectin, a polysaccharide mixture that belongs to the vegetable dietary fibers. In this country, apples are known as good pectin suppliers. In naturopathy pectin is especially valued for its detoxifying and digestive properties; already in “grandma's times” e.g. grated apple peel was considered an effective household remedy against diarrhea. However, the pectin used for the production of PektiCLEAN does not come from apples, but from a special water plant of the Zosteracea family. Although known since the 1950s, it was not possible for many years to make use of the medically effective properties of pectin from reed grass.

It is important to know that pectin only obtains its special low-molecular structure through the splitting process. This, in turn, is a prerequisite for the health-promoting effect, because only low-molecular pectin can penetrate directly into body cells, bind the toxins there and then transport them out. (Pectin, as they otherwise occur in nature, are unsuitable for this purpose because they are too large and too immobile).

In order to obtain this significant low-molecular proportion, the reed grass pectin was split over decades by means of chemical catalysts — whereby it's detoxifying effect was taken ad absurdum. It was only in the 1990s that Russian researchers succeeded in extracting pure pectin physically by means of a new and technically complex process using a molecular filter and without adding chemicals. This created the basis for the development of PektiCLEAN.


No fear of side-effects

In the meantime PektiCLEAN has started its triumphal procession internationally as a highly effective food supplement that can support the organism in the body's own detoxification — and this without side effects. Various studies certify PektiCLEAN numerous health-promoting effects. These are mainly based on the ability of the low-molecular pectin to magnetically attract toxins from outside the body. This process takes place directly in the blood circulation; afterward the toxins that are now bound to the pectin are eliminated naturally. For comparison: You would have to eat 80 kilograms of apples every day to achieve the daily dose of one gram of PektiCLEAN.


Removal of pollutants with the help of PektiCLEAN

PektiCLEAN can help to remove various pollutants, but also heavy metals and even radioactive elements from the body — especially smokers benefit from this in a very special way. Of course, it would be best to stop smoking immediately. But even if there is no lack of insight and will, nicotine is a drug whose effects are comparable to those of heroin or cocaine, and many smokers fail in their attempts to quit smoking permanently. The positive news: The chance to keep the pollution caused by tobacco toxins within limits can increase if PektiCLEAN is taken at the same time. Numerous studies prove this and the good news: It is sufficient if smokers take a PektiCLEAN treatment once or twice a year for 10 to 20 days each.


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* this article has been adapted according to the applicable statutory health claims/guidelines in the phrases concerned. The content written by Dr. Nina Schreiber is unaffected. Source: TOPFIT, issue 2/2005, Author: Dr. Nina Schreiber