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Detox* yourself – an interview with alternative practitioner Nina Kohlmann

28.02.2020 11:44

Detox* yourself – an interview with alternative practitioner Nina Kohlmann

Helpful tips for the innerspring cleaning (*Detox = support of the body's own detoxification)

Ms. Kohlmann, time and again you come across terms such as “detox” or “cleansing” in the media — but there is also often talk of purification, fasting or cleansing cures. As a layman interested in health, one is very quickly overtaxed. Can you bring some clarity to these terms?

Nina Kohlmann:
It's actually not so easy to explain, because colloquially everything is often thrown into one pot. The actual implementation also varies considerably between superficial to comprehensive, well-thought-out concepts that also include biochemical processes, human metabolism, and other important aspects.

Cleansing: This can mean everything, of course. Because everything that has to do with the topic can be packaged under this term, including, for example, the classic and obligatory intestinal cleansing cure in preparation for detoxification, fasting or other cure or even on its own.

Purification: a very controversial term and often wrongly interpreted. This is primarily about metabolic breakdown products that are not excreted, such as neutral salts and harmful protein-sugar compounds. Keyword “acid-base household” and remedy through deacidification and low-sugar/carbohydrate nutrition.

Detox: Here it should go then already somewhat more profoundly to the thing. The fashionable term “detox” generally refers to detoxification, i.e. the removal of toxic substances. In orthodox medicine this topic is often smiled at, because this term is only used in connection with alcohol and drug withdrawal. But those who are familiar with the subject know that it is extremely important in our environmentally polluted world. Because it affects us all!

Here too, the question arises as to how comprehensively and thoughtfully the whole issue is approached. Only superficially with any juice cures? Merely the mobilization of toxic substances without considering whether our body can then eliminate them? Only the binding of undesirable substances in the intestines? The intestine, please do not misunderstand, is incredibly important and it is precisely there that homework should be done. But also somewhere else!

A comprehensive concept should therefore also include the following points:

  • Intestinal cleansing, binding, intestinal flora
  • Connective tissue cleansing
  • Supply of all-important building materials for regeneration and conversion
  • Buffer and binder
  • Nutrition
  • Stress Relief

There are many points that can prevent effective detoxification.

Fasting: This term is often associated with food renunciation and asceticism. But there are also numerous variations in this area. Especially at this point, many mistakes can be made if certain points are not observed.

This means that you generally differentiate between a fasting and targeted cures that support the body in order to free it from harmful substances. Is that not one and the same thing? If I am fasting, then I get rid of the “garbage” in my body just as well, right?

Nina Kohlmann:
Yes, of course, you can distinguish between the two. But the best option is to combine both in a sensible way!

As efficient as a fasting cure can be - in terms of cell waste purification (= autophagy) - as a rejuvenation cure/ stem cell cure etc. - fasting also has its pitfalls which must be taken into account.

It is, therefore, best to follow a concept that takes these pitfalls into account and uses the maximum benefit of a fasting cure. So use the "best" and minimize the risks or leave them out in the cold...

Because even during fasting it can happen that the body releases massive amounts of toxic substances from the cells. These should then be effectively bound and excreted. A process that can also quickly overtax the body - especially when important nutrients and binding agents are missing.

All right! Since spring is more or less just around the corner, the classic spring cure is booming again anyway. What are your tips for a successful and at the same time gentle spring cleaning?

Nina Kohlmann:

Here, of course, the following applies the more comprehensive, the more effective. Within the framework of a weight-loss cure, for example, ketogenic nutrition according to the dr.reinwald concept is recommended, taking into account the aspects of the intestines and supporting the body's own detoxification. The plan can be requested free of charge from the company. Or also the variation modified for intermittent fasting. Tips and cheats for this and which food supplements make sense can be requested under the following mail address: beratung@drreinwald.de.

If the goal should be only the support of the detoxification, you receive here also different packages after the modular principle.


Great, that sounds feasible. But you mentioned that the "right" food supplements play an important role in a spring cure? Why is this so and above all, which products do you recommend?

Nina Kohlmann:
Recommended products from our Cleansing Series are PektiCLEAN, ChitosaCLEAN, SulfoCLEAN plus the essential important building material suppliers MyAMINO® for amino acid supply and AlgaeDHA for fatty acid supply. The classic of the spring cure is the wild garlic anyway, which can be integrated into many recipes. Our product SulfoClean contains an important component besides bear's garlic other important vital substances and the sulfur compound MSM.


Sulfur-containing food supplement with wild garlic and MSM? That sounds like an unusual combination! Can you explain why dr.reinwald chose this composition?

Nina Kohlmann:

When I first came across SulfoCLEAN® it was immediately clear to me: an ingenious combination and well thought out. Wild garlic is in itself the classic in terms of "supporting the body's own detoxification". By the way, like other sulfur-containing plants and vegetables, e.g. garlic and Co., it has been upgraded with MSM, a sulfur compound which is odorless, in contrast to the sulfur compound DMSO and the vegetable classic garlic.

The organic - i.e. natural MSM sulfur compound with the unwieldy names methylsulfonylmethane - is also found naturally in food. However, due to the processing of the food, such as cooking or heating, and also storage for too long, it then disappears and is no longer available to the body in sufficient quantities. The B vitamins, added in the activated form in SulfoCLEAN®, also deserve a brief mention. This is another important point to revive a sluggish energy metabolism in a spring cure. Also, the optical appearance can benefit from this overall symbiosis, i.e. skin, hair, and nails...

That means ... with SulfoCLEAN and the contained wild garlic/MSM you get a kind of energy and beauty turbo for spring and jump through the world like the blooming life?

Nina Kohlmann laughs:

At least you have a good chance with it, but of course only if you stick to the basics of a spring cure. Good luck, good luck, good luck with persevering and good luck!

Thank you very much for the interview, Ms Kohlmann.